Ticket Hub is a secondary marketplace for Tickets. Tickets that are sold on this website may be listed at a higher or lower price than the original Ticket face value.
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Type of tickets

Paper tickets
These are hardcopy tickets which in most cases are ready to send out around two weeks prior to the game. There will be a price printed on it (face value), together with all information needed to find the correct seat inside the stadium. We do not include any instruction letter with paper tickets. These tickets don’t need to be returned after the game.

Some tickets will be delivered as electronic tickets. These tickets will be sent out to the client at latest one day prior to the game (unless notified by Ticket Hub).

Season / Member cards
For a lot of events we are using plastic season/member cards. The season cards have all seat details printed on it, together with the name of the original owner. The member cards only have the name of the original owner printed on it, without any seat details. The cards are magnetic or have a barcode on them, which is used at the gates of the stadiums. A card can only be used once during a game, so every client will receive a separate card. These cards are being used the whole season, so they need to be returned after the game. Together with the cards, we will deliver a full and clear instruction letter with all information needed about the usage of the cards. As soon as cards are not returned because they are taken home by the client or thrown away, ET will charge 10 GBP for each card that is missing. This is what the clubs are charging to get a replacement of the member card. In case there are tickets for other matches loaded on the card and we are not able to get replacement cards on time, the face value of the missing games will be charged to the agency / client.

Mobile tickets
A number of clubs has started issuing mobile tickets. This type of tickets is also very common for NBA matches in the USA. These tickets will have to be loaded on a smart phone and include a QR-code that need to be scanned at the stadium turnstiles. Tickets will be sent out to the agencies at latest one day prior to the game (unless notified by Ticket Hub). It is the agencies responsibility that the mobile files / tickets will be forwarded to the clients. For most NBA matches, it might be necessary to create a Ticketmaster account that need to be provided to Ticket Hub to transfer the ticket. It is the responsibility of the agency that the ticket is transferred to the client.

Delivery Methods

Hotel delivery
For clients travelling to the country of the match, we will deliver the tickets to the clients’ hotel. The envelope will be delivered at latest one day prior the game, unless notified by Ticket Hub. Hotel deliveries will be done by fast courier Mail or by one of our own couriers in the match city. Ticket Hub will e-mail the tracking number to the agency as soon as the package is ready to send out.

Season or member cards will need to be returned after the game. All clients will receive a full instruction letter which explains how to return the cards. This could be by delivering the return envelope to the hotel reception, in this case we will collect the cards the next working day. Another option is to post the cards back to our collection address. We will provide a prepaid return envelope (with a tracking number) to send back the cards via a Mail post office or via a mailbox in the match city.

Residentials UK Clients with a residential in the UK will receive the envelope at their home address. We will include a prepaid envelope to send back the cards after the match. If the order contains “regular” hardcopy tickets, they do not need to be returned.

Residentials NL for clients in The Netherlands we will try to send the tickets to their residentials in The Netherlands. In case of cards, we will include a prepaid PostNL envelope to return the cards after the match. We cannot guarantee to send all orders to Dutch clients in advance. If we are not able to send out the tickets on time, we will make sure the tickets are ready at the hotel in the match city.

There are cases where we will need to arrange a hand over or a collection in the match city. If we are not able to deliver to a hotel or send to a residential, we will arrange a hand over with one of couriers or set up a collection point to collect the tickets on matchday. If clients stay in another city than the event takes place, we are often able to deliver to the other city. Please let us know in advance instead of going for a collection straight away.
Please let us know whether we are able to deliver to a hotel or not at latest one week prior the game.

Tickets will be sent out to the client by email at latest one day prior to the game (unless notified by Ticket Hub).

PLEASE NOTE: In case Ticket Hub delivered correctly and can confirm a signature from the reception/concierge, and the envelope gets lost for any reason in the hotel, Ticket Hub is not responsible for the costs for new tickets. We are able to buy new tickets and will communicate the costs of the replacements before buying them for the clients.

Ticket Hub will keep the right to swap the method of delivery to a collection or handover. We will contact clients about it early enough to make sure everything goes well.